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Bardessano Inn
Yountville, California
HKIT Architects

Situated in the picturesque wine country town of Yountville, the Bardessano Inn was envisioned to be a luxurious getaway, with all of the amenities that luxury travelers expect. 

Sixty-two rooms, each with a fireplace, meeting rooms, a spa, pool, and landscaped grounds cater to an upscale clientele.  Everything on the site was designed to enhance the sense of privacy.  The rooms were broken up into many smaller buildings facing a series of courtyards and each room was given a private deck or patio, carefully screened from prying eyes.

Adjacent to the Inn, 28 units of affordable housing were to be built as a series of two story buildings, also broken up to better fit into their surroundings..  The existing residence on the site was to be relocated to the corner of the site and screened with trees and plantings for privacy.  Wherever possible, existing mature trees were maintained and the buildings sited around them.  And surrounding all of this, vineyards were to be planted, recalling Yountville's famous agricultural crop.

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