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3rd Avenue Family Apartments
Walnut Creek, California
VMWP Architects

This development provides 48 affordable rental apartments for families and for people with developmental disabilities.

The building is two and three stories above an underground parking garage with a central courtyard broken into two areas.  The massing of the building is broken into two buildings over the parking garage to help it relate to the scale of the surrounding single family houses and apartments. 

As many of the residents will have physical disabilities associated with their developmental disabilities, accessibility of the site and units is of utmost importance.  The grassy lawn area in the courtyard has a hill with a low wall next to it so people in wheelchairs can easily transfer to sit on the grass.  A built-in bench adjacent to the vegetable planter will make the planter more accessible to those in wheelchairs or with difficulty bending over. 

Onsite offices for a service provider supplement the computer lab, community room, and media room.
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